Dungeons & Dragons 5e

COVID Announcement!

Due to popularity and COVID restrictions, we have been running out of space, so we are now requiring sign-ups! Each Monday night, the reservation spots for the following Monday will open up. You can find the link to the RSVP on the event calendar. Just click “RSVP”, enter your name and email, and that’s it! If you are bringing a first-time guest, you can reserve a spot for them as well. Otherwise, please limit it to one reservation per person.

Dungeons & Dragons

Are you a fan of Critical Role or Adventure Zone and looking to try D&D out but not sure where to start? Our open table night is incredibly new player-friendly! Just show up and we’ll help you jump right in.

Are you a seasoned player looking for a casual group? Or trying to find players for a longer term campaign? Our Monday night open table is a great place to start. If you’d like to make your own character, here are the rules:

Player Etiquette Rules

People feeling safe and comfortable in our space is our top priority. The following etiquette rules are strictly enforced and any repeat offenders will be asked to leave.