COVID Updates

While we will do our best to mitigate as much risk as possible, the purpose our store serves by its very nature, sitting face to face in close quarters for long periods of time (and lots of yelling!), means a higher chance to transmit the virus than other public settings. For the safety of all of our customers, we will be enacting many changes, notably:

—We will not be facilitating community game nights or pick-up games at this time. When you arrive, you will be asked your party size and seated at an appropriate table. You are free to get up to grab games, order food and drinks from the cafe, and use the restrooms, but we ask that beyond those, you remain at your table and do not visit other tables, watch other games, or ask to play with people outside your party.

—We will be starting game rentals so you can play in the safety of your own home!

—To help social distancing while in the store, we have spaced out tables and placed physical barriers between them.

—As per state law, we will be requiring masks at all times, by everyone, and enforcing proper usage, no exceptions. If you have a health concern that prevents you from wearing a mask, face shields are an acceptable substitute. The only time masks may be removed is when eating and drinking, and only when seated at your table with your party.

—It is impossible to sanitize each game after use. The risk of transmitting the virus via surface contact is much lower than via respiratory droplets, but as an added precaution, after a game is played, it will be set aside for 24 hours.

—For organized play, we are following the mandatory dates of each individual organization:
-Yugioh: Locals is suspended indefinitely. There has not been enough interest in remote duels at this time but we will reconsider if that changes.
-Heroclix: Locals is permitted, OP kits are suspended at this time.
-Pokemon TCG: Suspended indefinitely (at least through August).
-Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play (Keyforge, Legend of the Five Rings): Suspended until September 1.
-D&D: Will resume on Monday nights.