Competitive Scene

Organized play

We currently have groups/organized play for Yugioh, Keyforge, Legend of the Five Rings LCG, Heroclix, Pokemon, Marvel Champions LCG, and the Arkham Horror LCG. We do not host Magic the Gathering or Warhammer. We are happy to order all product, whether we host it here or not, including Star Wars Legion, X-Wing, etc, and we guarantee the best price around! If you are interested in something that isn’t listed, please ask! Even if we don’t host it, we might know individuals looking for others to play.


We are an Official Tournament Store (OTS). Konami has suspended Organized Play due to COVID but we are still hosting casual play on Wednesdays, which is $5 and comes with an OTS 13 pack. Join the Lynchburg Yugioh Facebook group to stay up to date.


We have an active Keyforge community. OP just resumed and we have weekly tournaments on Sat morning. New players welcome! Check the event calendar or discord for updates.

Legend of the Five Rings LCG

Bring honor to your clan! L5R tournaments are hosted every other week. Ask for info or join the discord channel.


Heroclix meets every Thursday at 6:30pm with modern format. Join the Lynchburg Heroclix Facebook group to learn more!

Pokemon TCG

We are an official Pokemon tournament store but all Pokemon activity is suspended indefinitely. We’ll post more when we have updates on resuming!

Marvel Champions

We have about a dozen Marvel Champions players and are always up for a game! Contact us if you’d like to join!

Arkham Horror LCG

We always need help preventing the rise of the Elder gods! If you’re looking to join, message or join the discord!