Community Showcase

Community Showcase

Our community is involved in many projects beyond the bounds of the store and we love to brag about them! Here are a few of the things they’re involved in!

Secondhand Strife Podcast

Secondhand Strife is a Let’s Play podcast in the Legend of the Five Rings universe. Bo Quel is the GM and editor, and players Robert Lynch, Whitney Logan, Evan Strite, and Sophia Bruce are all Meeple staff and/or members. Listen to it now!

Crimson Gold Agonies Podcast

Crimson Gold Agonies is a Let’s Play podcast in the Legend of the Five Rings universe. Evan Strite plays the roll of Doji Eiko.
Listen to it now!

Keyforge Pro Player & Developer

Grant Titus is a pro Keyforge player on Team KiP, and the creator of the amazing tool, the Crucible Tracker. You can find him at most major tournaments and on TCO. Follow his KF Twitter to stay up to date with all his amazing development and all things Keyforge!

Envoy board game Herald

Jeff Walton is a Herald for the Envoy program by Double Exposure. He represents various game publishers by demoing their games in store, at conventions, and online. He’ll be demonstrating games more in store soon so keep an eye out for events!

The Court of the Jade Sun Megagame

The Court of the Jade Sun is a fan L5R mega-game by our lead designer, Patrick. L5R author Robert Denton III participated and spoke about it on his podcast, the Last Province, here at 28:38. We’re working on a revised version, so stay tuned!

writer for high Level Games

Bo Quel writes articles about role playing games for the High Level Games blog. Check out his thoughts on social combat here!