What is Meeples?

The Road So Far...

Who Are We?

We are a husband and wife team who are passionate about board games and even more passionate about community; We met through boardgames and have continued to explore the hobby together ever since! We believe that board games promote communication, social interaction, problem solving, creativity, and just plain fun and want to help others discover the vast and changing world of board games that we've come to love.

The Birth of Meeples!

We began a weekly game night in August 2016 at TOOLRY, which was located in Riverview Artspace in downtown Lynchburg. From there we continued to grow until January 2017 when we expanded into a weekend business. Each weekend we were able to enjoy gaming and events with our customers for months, growing our library and expanding our business. Unfortunately it wouldn't last; the space we were occupying closed, forcing Meeples! to close as well. We decided to take time to look for investment for Meeples! to open up full time and, after a long search, we had all but given up hope.

Meeples! at Cornertsone!

Today, in collaboration with Bean Tree Cafe, we are open in Lynchburg's Cornerstone area full time where we work to provide customers with entertainment and community. Each day provides us with new opportunities to get to know customers and expand our business even further, and we hope you'll be a part of it every step of the way!

Meeples! on Timberlake!

Coming Soon!